Behind The Scenes: Cooking Up Our 7th Heaven Gyu Don at Renga-Ya

Capturing all our fun moments on the job.

These days, it’s all about getting that perfect shot #ForTheGram.

And while climbing on chairs to get the perfect #flatlay is never easy, we’re always up for having some fun along the way.

Here are some of our funny moments captured at Renga-Ya, while doing the photo-shoot of our Saucy x Renga-Ya 7th Heaven Gyu Don.

1. Rise & shine!

You know that saying “A watched pot never boils?” Well, we wouldn’t say the same for this pressure cooker, which had no qualms letting out a loud honk good enough to be used as a morning alarm.

2. All work and no play makes for a dull kitchen

Forget those shots of chefs in the kitchen looking all serious as they place micro-herbs ever so carefully on their dish.

See here for reference:

chef plating food seriously


At Renga-Ya, we were tickled by the easy friendship between chef May and Xiang, whose awkwardness and camera-shy personality invoked a lot of laughs from his much more social media-savvy colleague.

Renga Ya Kitchen Staff


3. Literally, take a shot

What do you do while waiting for your staff to prepare the Saucy special 7th Heaven Gyu Don? Make yourself a drink, of course.

Yorito Saucy Sour Plum Shots

Here is Renga-Ya’s owner, Yorito Takekura, trying our Saucy Sour Plum Shots for the very first time. His preferred way of drinking it — with some ice, soda water, and a generous squeeze of lemon.

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4. All that glitters

So, the pressure cooker really was taking a while to do its thing. Thus, we decided to optimise our time by taking fancy photos of our Sour Plum Shots with our newly-acquired app.

The app (otherwise known as KiraKira+) caught the attention of some Renga-Ya staff, which led to a good 10 minutes of us teaching them how to make things sparkle.

Yes, pressure cooker alarm still sounding in the background.

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