Behind The Scenes: Making of Kamoshita’s Sea Bream Truffle Claypot Rice

Truffle shavings, truffle salsa and truffle oil are just some ingredients that go into this one pot wonder.

Who doesn’t love a good claypot rice with all that steam and sizzle? Dig deep, and you’ll uncover a trove of hidden treasures.

On the menu at Kamoshita, chef Koki Miyoshi serves a sea bream claypot rice dish that is a nod to his hometown in Ehime prefecture, Japan, known as the number one producer of the sweet white fish.

While making the claypot rice, he uses only fish bones specially imported from Tsukiji market so the base stock turns out extra sweet (local types turn the stock too fishy, says chef).

For our first Saucy x Kamoshita collaboration, chef amped up the subtle sweet flavours of the dish with black truffle salsa and truffle shavings.

Here’s how he makes this pot of heaven:

The Truffle Seabream Claypot Rice is an off-menu special at Kamoshita, only until 15 Feb 2018. Click here to get it now!