Behind The Scenes: The Making Of Jimoto Ya’s First Whisky Ramen

All the awesome goodness that goes into this bowl of boozy noodles.

When it comes to picking our favourite ramen joint in Singapore, Jimoto Ya easily comes out top. The bowl of umami-rich amaebi broth, springy noodles, and minced meat with shredded cabbage checks all the right boxes.

But it wouldn’t be a Saucy bowl if we didn’t give it our special touch — by adding a shot of fat-washed Yamazaki whisky.

800x600 Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky Ramen Jimotoya


Here, the premium Japanese single malt is fat-washed with pure ebi oil (made from crushing the amaebi heads), then left in the freezer for the whole concoction to mellow.

A 20ml shot of this orange-hued whisky is served with Jimoto Ya’s Ebi Miso Ramen. We recommend trying the soup first, then pouring in the whisky and tasting the difference.

Here’s a peek at how this exclusive Saucy x Jimoto Ya whisky ramen is made: