Chazuke: 3 Steps To Enjoying This Simple Japanese Porridge

Warm your tummy with this comforting bowl of Japanese-style congee.

Think of chazuke as the Japanese version of mui fan (rice soaked in broth). Made by pouring soup or hot tea over cooked rice, with added toppings like pickles or sesame seeds, chazuke is definitely a dish that warms the soul during rainy weather.
Together with yakiniku restaurant Renga-Ya, the Saucy team hit upon the idea of ending the experience of our 7th Heaven Gyudon with a delicious bowl of chazuke.

Chazuke 1

Simply mix the leftover rice from our ultimate beef bowl with slow-cooked Hokkaido beef marinated in ginger shoyu, a runny egg, and pickles.

Chazuke 2

A mini teapot on the side holds a rich and savoury beef maitake soup, to be poured over the rice and beef. Dig in and enjoy!