Head To Renga-Ya For The Best Gyudon In Singapore

Why stop at one when your beef bowl can have seven different premium cuts?

You know that S$3,500 wagyu beef bento that has been making the news? The one that comes with different cuts of meat, a wasabi root, and a special pear dipping sauce?


Well, we couldn’t get behind the idea of forking out so much for what is essentially a gyu-don presented in a wooden cow-shaped box (as one of our Saucy co-founders once said, “a box is a box!”)

So, we decided to put our own Saucy spin to this.

The Saucy Story

Enter Renga-Ya, an unassuming yakiniku joint in Chijmes that easily makes it on our list of top dinner spots.

Interior of Rengaya Chijmes

Owner Yorito Takekura (who also founded the popular Sushi Tei chain) brings in quality cuts of beef which go on the menu for affordable prices. Our favourites: the off-menu special thick-cut wagyu beef tongue, Kagoshima wagyu tokusen and Hokkaido prime short rib (karubi).

Grilling our favourite thick-cut wagyu tongue, an off-menu special at Renga-Ya.
Grilling our favourite thick-cut wagyu tongue, an off-menu special at Renga-Ya.

Together with owner Yorito, we came up with the idea to combine all our favourite cuts of beef into a lunch set.

NEW In blog Rengaya 7th Heaven 1

Heaped into a bowl we call 7th Heaven — where the various cuts of beef are prepared seven ways — there’s slices of slow-cooked wagyu tongue, Kagoshima wagyu rump and shabu, and Hokkaido beef tataki atop a bed of Japanese rice.

Each cut of beef comes in individual mini dons with unique sauces (not made from pears). The beef tataki, for instance, comes with a truffle ponzu jelly, while the Kagoshima kata rosu (fatback) is paired with ponzu sauce and daikon.

Rengaya Seven Heaven Sauces

 To end the meal — an intense beef maitake consomme served in a teapot with generous bits of the diced Japanese mushroom. Pour this into your leftover rice, and mix in some slow-cooked Hokkaido beef marinated in ginger shoyu for a comforting bowl of chazuke, the Japanese version of mui fan.

New In Blog Rengaya 7th Heaven Chazuke 5

The best part? This whole set could be yours for just S$35 (and 90cents).

NEW In Blog Rengaya 7th Heaven 2

Save yourselves those extra zeroes and click here for our Saucy x Renga-Ya 7th Heaven Beef Bowl instead!