An Ultimate Truffle Fest With Fried Chicken, Oden, And Claypot Rice

All-time Japanese classics like tori karaage and lava eggs get showered in truffle with this Saucy collaboration.

Kamoshita is our go-to spot for indulging in simple yet well-executed Japanese favourites. Hidden behind that mess of construction along Neil Road, this hole-in-the-wall izakaya is popular with Japanese expats. Recently, the restaurant fine-tuned their menu to shift its focus more on oden.

The Saucy Story

When talking to friends, we realised not many locals know what oden is. Certain items like the lava eggs, though, were instantly recognisable.

Together with chef-owner Koki, we decided there needed to be a fun way to introduce this Japanese winter classic to diners. Enter truffles — a luxurious ingredient turned trendy thanks to cafes dishing out truffle fries.

Truffle Oden Trio Saucy Kamoshita

We picked three of our favourite oden dishes we knew would work well with truffle for our Truffle Oden Trio: Truffle shavings over soft, pillow-y fishcakes and a daikon steak. The crown jewel — a perfect lava egg presented with a small syringe of real truffle oil to inject into the oozy yolk.

Oden Egg

Singapore’s first truffle lava egg with a molecular twist! Perfect for those #Boomerang moments on Insta-stories.

To add on to this Ultimate Truffle Fest menu, we also jazzed up our favourite fried chicken and turned it into our Truffle #ShakeIt Tori Karaage.

An Ultimate Truffle Fest With Fried Chicken, Oden, And Claypot Rice

The juicy fried chicken is cut into bite-sized pieces, then put in a brown bag (check out that cute cat stamp we designed with chef Koki!) and showered with truffle shavings.

#ShakeIt and enjoy with the truffle tartar sauce served on the side. No truffle-flavoured seasoning used here — lookin’ at you, McD’s.

Kamoshita’s signature Sea Bream Claypot Rice rounds off our Ultimate Truffle Fest menu.

Truffle Claypot Rice


Here, chef Koki uses only fish bones specially imported from Tsukiji market so the base stock turns out extra sweet (local types turn the stock too fishy, says chef).

Real truffle oil is added (none of that fake synthetic stuff used on truffle fries), along with black truffle salsa, to the fluffy Japanese grains speckled with sweet sea bream meat, making this Truffle Sea Bream Claypot Rice dance with an earthy, mushroom-y flavour.

The Ultimate Truffle Fest is only until 15 Feb 2018. Click here to reserve any of these truffle items!