Saucy Picks: 5 Must-Try Oden At Kamoshita

Our all-time favourites at this Japanese izakaya.

Kamoshita is the one Japanese izakaya we’re willing to get our shoes wet for. This hole-in-the-wall treasure find hidden along Neil Road serves up some of the best oden in town, complete with a light yet utterly satisfying dashi broth.

Here are five of our favourites to have on a cold rainy night:

Oden Egg

1. Oden Lava Egg

While most oden joints will serve their eggs hard-boiled, we love the molten-centred oozy egg here at Kamoshita. The egg is soft-boiled for nearly five minutes, then marinated in a light soy broth. It’s quickly dipped into the tub of simmering dashi stock just before served.

Oden Avocado with bacon

2. Oden Avocado With Bacon

This is one dish that is definitely not a usual oden item. Here, creamy avocado sits in the light dashi stock, topped with chopped bacon and sprinkled with pistachios for that added crunch.

Oden Chicken Dumpling

3. Oden Chicken Dumpling

Most chicken dumplings are made by shaping and moulding minced meat together. But the version at Kamoshita takes it to the next level by mixing in chicken cartilage for a scrumptious explosion of textures. The dumpling is served with the signature dashi stock, but is boiled separately from the big oden pot so the oils don’t seep into and change the taste of the oden broth.

Oden Fishcake

4. Oden Fishcakes

One of our absolute must-orders when we head to Kamoshita. These unassuming fishcake squares win us over every time with their soft, pillow-y texture.

Oden Tomato

5. Oden Tomato

Plump and juicy, the oden tomato is vibrant both in taste and colour. The fruit is first peeled, before it is left overnight in the dashi stock. It is topped with finely-chopped prawns for that hit of umami.