[Updated] Guide: Best BYOB Restaurants in Singapore, And Tips For Bringing Your Own Alcohol

No more ridiculous $100 corkage fees. We take you to the restaurants with free corkage and some of the tastiest food in town.

#01-02 Odeon Towers, 331 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188720. Tel: 6887-0010

The Pairing: Classic Cantonese with Chardonnay

One of our top places for solid Cantonese cooking. The black pepper prawn and vermicelli claypot here has good wok hei and crispy noodles, a feat not many Chinese chefs can do. Other favourites include the steamed bamboo clam with black bean sauce and garlic steamed giant oyster, all dishes that will go perfectly with a glass of Burgundy Chardonnay, which has lovely buttery citrus notes. Best part: The service staff here don’t chase you out even when you’ve outstayed your welcome.
Details: Enjoy this BYOB deal everyday of the week. Reservations recommended.


SAKARI SUSHI RESTAURANT, 1 Tras Link, Singapore 078867. Tel: 9739-7607

The Pairing: Sake / Chardonnay with Sushi Omakase

You don’t always need a Japanese chef to do good sushi. Chef Paul Goh is as Singaporean as they come, but his 8-course omakase includes some of the tastiest sushis we have tried. At just $88 and $120, the 8-course omakase is also one of the best value finds in town. Our advice is to settle in and ask chef to do a sushi omakase for you. Try pairing this with a bottle of Junmai Ginjo — the light fruity sake is easy to drink and will go well with the fish — or with a good bottle of chardonnay.

Details: Enjoy this BYOB deal everyday of the week. Reservations recommended.



The Pairing: Sour Plum Shots + Broth

Forget wine pairings for steamboat; fermented grape juice doesn’t sit well with meats swished in soup. Beer is a safe choice, but this sour plum-infused vodka takes this to the next level.

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Upin is often overlooked for a far more popular hotpot joint just across the Singapore river, but the outlet here offers a better waterside view with marbled beef and black pork slices at more affordable prices. We recommend ordering the tomato broth and pairing it with our very own Zouk-inspired sweet, slightly salty Sour Plum Shots for a treat. Handy if you want a good night out, but don’t fancy squeezing in the new Zouk outfit just across the river.

Get a Saucy bottle of Sour Plum Shots to bring along for your steamboat party!

Details: Enjoy this BYOB deal everyday of the week. Reservations recommended.

Mooi Chin Place

MOOI CHIN PLACE, 03-12A Landmark Village Hotel Bugis, 390 Victoria Street, 188061, Tel: 6339-7766

The Pairing: Hainan and Peranakan with Pinot

With over 80 years of history, this Singapore Hainanese specialty restaurant is definitely a stalwart on the scene. The chicken rice, ox tongue stew, and mutton soup are delicious, and their Hainanese pork chop comes with a savoury brown gravy instead of the usual sweet tomato sauce. A New Zealand Pinot Noir will pair very well with these dishes.
Details: Enjoy this BYOB deal everyday of the week. Reservations recommended.

JADE PALACE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT, #B1-13 Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road, Singapore 238884, Tel: 6732-6628

The Pairing: Dim Sum Champagne Supernova

Jade Palace might have good food, but they definitely need the BYOB offer they’ve got going on. Bring your own bubbly if you don’t want to fork out over S$200 for their champagnes, especially when the ones they have are not exactly the best. Go for dim sum instead of dinner; the fried shrimp dumpling, yam paste fritters and siew mai are good complements to a glass of bubbly. Jade Palace is just as popular in the afternoons as it is at night, so best to make reservations in advance.

Details: Enjoy this BYOB deal everyday of the week. Reservations recommended.

Bedrock Bar and Grill

BEDROCK BAR & GRILL, #01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, 96 Somerset Road, Singapore 238163, Tel: 6238-0054

The Pairing: Big red, big steak

BYOB at Bedrock is only on Mondays, but they sure picked the right day for it. Monday blues are now a good excuse to tuck into a perfectly seared steak and order a big bold glass of red wine to go with it. The perfect steak here is the tomahawk and the USDA dry-aged ribeye, with strong beefy flavours that match up to a smooth Argentinean red.

Details: Enjoy this BYOB deal only on Mondays. Reservations recommended.


MORSELS, #01-04, 25 Dempsey Road


Dempsey is just as inaccessible as Mayo Street in Little India, but we’ll keep going to morsels if chef keeps turning out good food. It’s all about small Californian-inspired bites like devilled eggs and steamed venus clams in kimchi and fig broth here, that are perfect when paired with a beer. Skip the Heinekens and go for craft instead to keep up with the fun vibe going on.
Details: Enjoy this BYOB deal only on Tuesdays. Reservations recommended.