Uni Love ($28)

We’ve doubled the uni, for double the fun at Caffé B

  • 1 Uni Love with Mountain
  • 2 Uni Love Flatlay
  • 3 Uni Love
  • 4 Uni Egg Solo
  • 5 Uni Crack Solo
  • 6 Uni Love Full Set Cold Brew Tea
  • 7 Rosebud tea Caffe B

In collaboration with:

  • The perfect all-day snack, from 2pm-11pm daily
  • Uni Crack: crispy squid ink crust, loaded with onion mousse, and a generous heap of creamy Hokkaido sea urchin
  • Uni Egg: sous vide egg with clam espuma, caviar, and a dollop of sea urchin
  • Set includes a refreshing glass of cold brew rosebud tea
  • Booze up! Add $5 to swop your tea for a pint of Kirin beer
  • Reservations open from 19 Mar 2018
  • $3 ticket to hold your Uni Love
    • (Balance $25 to be paid at the restaurant)
  • Only until 30 Jun 2018
  • Exclusively sold on Saucy

#nowyouseeit | #nowyoudont
Limited to 30 bowls a day.
T&Cs* apply.

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  • PinkyPiggu


    “A pair of delightful snacks featuring luscious Japanese uni topped over creamy sous vide egg and crispy squid ink cracker!”
  • MsHannahChia


    “Uni lovers, please fall in! This is where complexity meets explosion of flavours!”
  • Shermyyy


    “This Uni Love tastes as good as it is beautifully presented, definitely one of the more unique Uni dishes around.”
  • Yong Wei Kai

    Yong Wei Kai

    Here comes the best Uni snack of the year!! So damn value for money!”
  • Singaporeliciouz


    “How wonderful it is to wake up to this uni-egg dish. The perfect all-day snack to be enjoyed from 2-11pm.”
  • Tjang Fonda

    Tjang Fonda

    “Your ticket to a delicious experience.”
  • ShootandSpoon


    “Calling all Uni lovers, must try this!”
  • KWLeong


    “Not an uni fan as I always had them with a fishy taste, but this is sweet, fresh and delicious!”
  • Nahmj


    “A double dose of uni on the squid ink cracker and in a sous vide egg with a surprise.”
  • SheEatsSheCooks


    “Hokkaido uni, onion mousse and wasabi miso powder on a squid ink cracker.”

Caffé B
64 Club St, Singapore 069438

Tel: +65 68873311


Caffé B
64 Club St, Singapore 069438

Tel: +6568873311


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*Terms & Conditions (condensed)

  1. Once a consumer’s purchase been confirmed by SAUCY, no refunds shall be made under any circumstances.
  2. Each ticket will expire within ONE month from date of purchase.
  3. Each ticket is valid for SINGLE redemption only.
  4. SAUCY reserves the right to vary, add, withdraw or substitute advertised products or change Event capacity without prior notice.

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